VACPSP GM Sponsors
11 Dec
  • By GMSponsors

GM Sponsors to Host 2021 Victorian Catholic Primary School Conference in Lorne

GM Sponsors are delighted to announce that we that we have the rights to again Host and obtain Sponsors for the 2021 Victorian Catholic Primary School Conference to be held in March at the mantra  in Lorne.

Details will come out progressively throughout 2020 but we are thrilled to be a part of this Bi Annual Event conducted by our partners at the VACPSP.

GM have first hand knowledge of the Catholic System having worked in it and now sponsoring Conference and Network Events all over the state. In all we will be seeking 30 Sponsors for the event with full details coming out by April ? May 2020.  Expressions of Interest will be taken in 2020. Phone GM on 0419 176992 or Email