Partners in Education & Sponsorship


Dear Bert,

On behalf of the Geelong Catholic Principals I would like to thank you for your efforts in coordinating the Sponsors Session that took place on Thursday 5th May at St Anthony’s in Lara.

Darrell did a fantastic job introducing the sponsors and liaising with Susan and myself in the days leading up to the day, and on the day itself.

Needless to say we are most grateful for the rather substantial cheque that was presented to us on behalf of the sponsors.

As I don’t have contact details for all these companies I would appreciate it if you could pass on this message of thanks to them all on our behalf. The manner in which they all presented was most professional and informative and I am sure I speak for all principals when I say that the general tone of the gathering was comfortable, unassuming and rewarding.

The affable manner in which all the sponsors went about informing us of their products and services provided a pleasing and worthwhile experience for us all. Once again, Thank you!

We look forward to dealing with you and your sponsor group in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Soldani
Geelong Region Catholic Primary School Principal.



“Print Design Australia has been involved in, and working with, GM Sponsors since its inception by Graeme Meadows in the 1990’s.

PDA attend all the conferences organised by GM Sponsors whereby they provide us with the unique opportunity to meet and speak with the delegates in a dedicated “market place”. This dedicated time slot, now a trademark of GM Sponsors, allows us the time to educate the delegates on our products and services which in turn grows our business.

GM Sponsors is a very well run organisation, communicate well with sponsors, provide continually updates on conferences and feedback when required.

Print Design Australia is happy to continue our support and association with Bert and the other committee members.”

Team at Print design Australia


I would like to take this opportunity to thank GM sponsors for the great work they do in supporting the principals’ network days. Over the years I have been to many network days where GM have organised a diverse range of companies to share their services and products with us. The wonderful thing about GM is the close relationship they have with schools, (all being past or current school principals) and therefore the great knowledge they have of what schools need and want. Not only have we had quality and relevant presentations, there have been excellent financial benefits for our network that have allowed us to undertake some fantastic professional learning opportunities. The work you do to support principal health and wellbeing is to be commended. Everyone seems to win from this well organised and very professional outfit.

Well done and thanks again for the great support you give to Catholic Education.

Yours Sincerely

Frances Matisi
St Kevin’s Primary School
Lower Templestowe



“Furlong Painting has been involved with GM Sponsors for many years now and continues to value the association highly.

From a commercial perspective, the opportunity to speak with clients at trade show events is central to our marketing strategy and with GM Sponsors we have a company committed to providing this outcome in both a cost effective and very professional manner. Whilst some event managers don’t always ‘hit the mark’, GM recognises and structures events so the needs of both the participants and trade sponsors are equally met. Not always an easy task!

Having been participants at such events themselves over the years and bringing a wealth of educational experience, Bert, Darrell and Chris structure the events to provide maximum opportunities to allow conversations to occur and for relationships between participants and sponsors to develop.”

Tony Bruce
Furlong Painting Pty Ltd
P : 9800 5011
F:  9800 1942
M: 0415 568 561



To Clients of GM Sponsors

“I have been involved with GM sponsors for at least 15 years, this long standing relationship has been extremely beneficial to our Principal Network. The sponsor days are always professionally organised and facilitated. I look forward to them each year to see familiar supportive sponsors as well as the many new ones that come on board each year. The sponsors enjoy the opportunity to meet with clients face to face and the principals have found the sponsors walk to be informative as well as enjoyable (particularly when you win a few of the raffles at the end of the session!) The significant funds that have been generated from the sponsors days has increased the capacity of the Principal’s Network to provide quality professional learning opportunities. I value the relationship that we have with GM Sponsors and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Dane Malone
St Martin of Tours



“Finding GM Sponsors has been great for CareMonkey’s business. Having a large number of our target audience in the same room – usually with a referenceable peer in their midst! – has meant that we’ve been able to grow CareMonkey’s customer-base way more efficiently than just making 1:1 calls/visits”.

Regards, Tim Ambler
Regional Sales Director


The Western Zone Catholic Primary Principal network has had GM Sponsorship for many years. What has impressed me most over this time has been the organisation involved to gather 20 or more companies in one space that all have something to offer primary schools. What has been very good as been the introduction of new companies to the sponsorship sessions. Schools have developed long term relationships with companies they have been introduced to at these gatherings. What I have found is that I may not need to use the companies straight away, but I keep their information on file for future reference.

GM Sponsorship have been wonderful financial supporters of our network. Since we began using them for our networks, we would have received well over $50,000. This has enabled us to minimise the cost of our Principal Network meetings or subsidise the cost of our zone conferences.

We thanks GM Sponsorship for their continued support of our network. We have worked closely with Graham Meadows and in more recent times Bert Benne. We look forward to continuing to work with GM Sponsorship into the future.

Damian Casamento


St. Paul’s Primary School

West Sunshine



Stomp Dance Company are very excited to be partnered with the GM Sponsorship group.  We have had personal dealings with Chris, Bert and Darrell and have found them to be not only helpful at conferences – going over and above, but also offering advice and support throughout the time we have worked with them.


The GM group have always been approachable, personable and professional in every way and we hope to continue our partnership with them for a very long time.  In the short time we have partnered with GM, we have already seen return on investment and are positive it will continue to grow in the future.


Sarah McQuarrie


Stomp Dance Company



Dear Chris,

Our company has had an excellent relationship with GM Sponsorship for over a decade now. From a business perspective, the positive impact this relationship has had on growing our business is immeasurable. Their events are always geared to ensure a rewarding experience for both sponsors, and delegates.

When it comes down to the bottom line, GM Sponsorship are excellent value, with return on investment we can easily track every year.

On a personal note, it’s so rewarding to work with great people who are genuinely excited to help us grow our business. Their support has changed the face of our company, and we are excited to move forward with them into continued future success.

Yours sincerely,

Louise Jordan